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What is the importance of sustainable fashion in the modern era

Today, the fashion industry is the multi-billion dollar industry which is affecting everyone at some level. Business is rapidly booming but at what cost? The seconds dirtiest industry in the world is Fashion. The rapid production and over-consumption is the reason fashion is now considered as environment damage industry. Due to the industrial revolution and introduction of ready to wear products in 1900 initiated the damage done to the environment. In the present age, fashion has taken over our closets due to which the negative impact on the environment is increasing.

Sustainability in the fashion industry is very important, and it should be on everyone’s radar. Even the famous companies that are known for creating fast fashion are moving towards sustainable fashion. No doubt that there is a long way to go but the industry understands the situation they are ready to make the required changes in order to protect the environment. However, it is not all about the industry, half of the power is in the hands of consumers and it is important for them to corporate in this positive movement. If we want to protect our world, sustainability in the fashion industry is very important. To help you understand the importance of sustainable fashion, here are some of the ways it can change the world.

Organic products

When there is an organic stamp on the garments, it means that all the products used in the manufacturing of the garments came from organic farms and there are no pesticides used in the growing process. You can take the example of cotton that is produced without using any pesticides or fertilisers will be considered as organic cotton and products manufactured using this cotton will be regarded as organic garments. Cotton is the most popular organic material using in the eco-friendly fashion industry.

Fair trade

One of the essential concepts that will help you understand the importance of sustainable fashion is the fair trade. The aim of fair trade is to protect the basic rights of farmers and workers by providing them with the ideal working conditions, fair wages and unions. You will be surprised to know that there are various fair trade companies which have been able to make a difference in the lives of people who grow ad prepare the things we love to wear. If you will buy the products that come with the fair trade stamp, it means that you are supporting such an organisation. Supporting them will help you play your role in bringing a change in the fashion industry and making it eco-friendly fashion.

Natural Dyes

The biggest threat to the environment and all other organisms that are living on the earth is synthetic dyes that we are using. The production of synthetic leads to creation of a harmful waste that goes into the streams and rivers. It kills fish which in turn kills birds and other animals that eats the poisoned fish. Producing natural dyes to maintain sustainable fashion can help control this cycle of death that we are creating in the industry.

We hope that you have understood the importance of sustainable fashion in the modern age. Help the fashion industry make a difference by supporting organic products, fair trade and natural dyes.

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